Eating Disorders Association (N.I.) relies heavily on the support of a team of highly dedicated volunteers taking up a multitude of different roles within the organisation.

Our volunteers are the backbone of our organisation and we value each and every single one greatly. 

While it is not a requirement to volunteer with Eating Disorders Association, volunteers often come to us with personal experience of living with an eating disorder or experience of supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. EDA (N.I.) values greatly the lived experience of those who have been affected by eating disorders and recognise the extremely valuable role that they can play in providing hope to others that recovery from an eating disorder is possible.  EDA (N.I.) recognises however the difficulties and pain involved in recovering from an eating disorder and would never wish to jeopardise this for any of our volunteers who have been personally affected. EDA (N.I.) also has a duty of care to both the volunteer and the person who uses our services and the health and wellbeing of both groups are our priority.  For these reasons and due to the often challenging nature of providing support, our recovery policy asks that people who have been affected by an eating disorder, are at least two years in recovery before volunteering for EDA (N.I.).

There’s a wide range of volunteering roles available, with opportunities to get involved in a way which best suits your strengths, interests, commitments and experience! Volunteering can be a great way to add to your CV, further your personal and professional development and support a fantastic cause. 

 Volunteer roles include:

  • Fundraising
  • Participating in awareness raising events 
  • Distributing resources such as leaflets and posters
  • Facilitating face to face support groups
  • Facilitating online support groups
  • Facilitating the delivery of workshops 
  • Participating in research
  • Admin support

If you are interested in becoming an EDA volunteer, please contact us

Support with a Donation

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