Eating Disorders Association (N.I.) provide a confidential monthly Face to Face Support Group Service aimed at supporting anyone who is affected by an eating disorder.

We run two separate face to face support groups:

  1. Support Group for People with an Eating Disorder: The group’s ethos is that of hope and recovery and it is our hope that it provides people with a safe space in which they feel comfortable to open up and share their experiences and ultimately find the support that they need and deserve to enable them to challenge and fight against the illness. It is a safe and non-judgemental space with which people can talk about their difficulties. There is no pressure to speak if you do not feel ready, it is ok to come along and simply listen and observe. The group is not a therapy group although it has the potential to provide therapeutic effects. The groups are for over 18’s only.
  2. Support Group for Family & Friends: Eating Disorders Association (N.I.) recognises that an eating disorder does not only impact the person with the illness, but can have devastating effects on the family and the person’s loved ones. We also recognise that there is a lack of understanding and awareness about eating disorders and families often feel very confused, worried and lost when they realise that their loved one is struggling with an eating disorder. With this knowledge, we offer a family/carer support group to enable the family to gain a better understanding and to provide advice and support about how to support their loved one. The group provides practical support and information, as well as creating an opportunity to discuss and share feelings and experiences in a non-judgemental environment. The groups are for over 18’s only. 

The Face to Face Support Groups run on the last Tuesday of every month, 7pm to 8.30pm in our offices on the 3rd Floor, Bryson House, Belfast. The groups are delivered by trained facilitators.

If you would like more information about our support groups, please feel free to call into our centre or contact us at any time.

Recovery is Possible. Recovery is Always Possible. Reach Out For the Support You Need and Deserve.

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