Our vision is to help bring an end to the torture and suffering associated with trying to live with an eating disorder.

EDA (N.I.) exists to provide support, information and understanding to people with eating disorders as well as their families and friends. We endeavour to ensure that those affected with an eating disorder know that they are not alone and that support and a non-judgemental, empathetic listening ear are always available. We recognise that the ignorance commonly associated with this group of illnesses is a great barrier to recovery. We endeavour to promote awareness amongst all sections of the community, amongst decision makers, politicians, civil servants, the voluntary sector and the general public. 

We strive to ensure that people affected by eating disorders will have their needs met through the provision of timely, appropriate and integrated services delivered by a range of statutory and voluntary agencies. We support a multi-disciplinary approach for the treatment of eating disorders and strongly advocate for early and immediate intervention in our mission of supporting those affected with the potentially debilitating physical and psychological consequence of an eating disorder.

Our mission is to challenge the perpetuating factors and accentuate the protective factors associated with eating disorders, in an endeavour to improve the quality of life for people affected by this condition. We hope to achieve this by being proactive in meeting needs, by being successful in influencing government policy and by promoting understanding and awareness of these illnesses within society and challenging the stigma and ignorance often attached to them.  EDA (N.I.) wholly supports the process of recovery, encouraging the individual to develop their own positive and adaptive strategies in order to live a fulfilling life beyond the challenges of an eating disorder. 


  • To support people affected by eating disorders and their families and friends.
  • To strongly promote immediate, early intervention and challenge any barriers to accessing care
  • To improve the way services and treatments are provided
  • To instil hope that recovery from an eating disorder is always possible.
  • To change the way people think and talk about eating disorders.
  • To raise awareness and understanding.
  • To challenge stigma and perpetuating factors.
  • To be a voice for those who are struggling to find their own.
  • To promote and encourage research and evidence based practice.

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