Eating Disorders Association (N.I.) provides weekly online peer support groups

What are the online peer support groups? 

Online peer support groups are gatherings of people who come together to talk with one another about their shared experiences of eating disorder recovery. EDANI's groups aim to provide a safe space for people to open up and talk about their thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of judgement. The groups operate under the belief that, while the journey can be difficult, it is always possible to recover from an eating disorder/disordered eating. 

Who can take part in our support groups?

You are welcome to attend an EDANI online peer support group if you are 18 or over, and are affected by eating disorders/disordered eating. This includes anyone who:  

  • has or has had an eating disorder or disordered eating
  • thinks that they might have an eating disorder or disordered eating 
  • struggles with food, eating or how they look 
  • is supporting a loved one who has an eating disorder or disordered eating
  • is worried about a loved one who might be struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating 

All our services are free and confidential. Self-referral is accepted and an individual does not require a formal diagnosis of any kind. 

What happens in a group?

Our trained facilitators will open the group at the stated start time. They will welcome everyone and then set out the group rules, which we ask people to respect at all times. The group is then open to allow for people to talk about how they are feeling and what is going on for them. The groups are user-led, which means that the topics discussed may change depending on the needs of attendees. The role of the facilitator is to enable this dialogue and ensure the group is a safe space for everyone. The facilitators will end the group at the stated time. 

How do I register for an online peer support group?

Contact us and state which online group session you would like to attend. One of our members of staff will reply within 1-3 working days with the group rules and a link to join the session. They will also be able to answer any questions that you may have. 

When are the next online peer support groups? 


  Recovery is always possible.

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