LINKS counselling- FREed Course

Are you interested in the FREed Course at Links Counselling Service?
This is a six week program, delivered via Zoom on a Monday evening, 7.30pm-9pm for those experiencing an Eating Disorder and/or those who are caring for or supporting someone with an Eating Disorder.
The topics covered over the six weeks are:
Dissolving the Mystery: What are Eating Disorders?
Distortions, Truth or Lie: Thoughts, Sensitivity, Perfectionism
Thawing the Numbness: Facing Emotions
Nutrition: The Mind and Body in Conflict (including Body Image)
Finding Hope & Freedom: Stories of Full Recovery
Next steps to Freedom: Resources & Relapses?
This is a program designed to inform, educate and resource participants and is led by both counselling professionals and those who have lived experience of the journey themselves.
Their next dates for 2023/2024 are as follows:
Mon 6 Nov – Mon 11 Dec 2023
Mon 22 Jan – Mon 4 Mar 2024 (except 12 Feb)
Mon 8 Apr – Mon 20 May 2024 (except 6 May)
Call 02838342825 to book your space!