The Family and the Road to Recovery
Europa Hotel, Great Victoria St, Belfast, BT2 7AP

The Family and the Road to Recovery

Has depression and eating disorders affected your mental health or people close to you? Wondering what you can do to help? 

Research suggests that between 50% and 75% of clients with an eating disorder also experience depression. (PwC. 2015) 

To launch their new online support group for people affected by binge eating disorder/compulsive over eating - Eating Disorders NI has teamed up with AWARE and Royal College of Psychiatrists to host a public talk featuring a panel of experts to raise awareness of the impact of eating disorders on mental health and how families can play a key role in recovery. This talk is free of charge.

Refreshments from 6-30pm

For more information and to register call 028 9023 5959 or email