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Eating Disorders Summit: Implementing the new NICE guidelines

Upcoming Conference on implementing the recently published NICE guidelines

Eating Disorders Summit: Implementing the new NICE guidelines

Monday 27 November 
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

By attending this one day conference you will hear from expert speakers on how you can implement the new NICE Guidance on Eating Disorders: Recognition and Treatment published in May 2017

This conference will enable you to:

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017

Today marks the start of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017.
Eating disorders are serious psychological illnesses with the highest mortality rate out of all the mental illnesses. Eating disorders are not diets. Eating disorders are not fads. Eating disorders are not actually about food and weight like they manifest themselves. Rather, they are actually a means of coping, a very destructive means of coping with some form of emotional distress. They are the person's attempt to deal with their difficulties.

World Mental Health Day 2016

It is World Mental Health Day.
If you see someone struggling in their lives please reach out to them. Simply asking someone if they are ok or letting someone know that you are there for them can make a big difference. The simple words ' are you ok' and 'I am here for you' can mean so much to someone who is potentially feeling very overwhelmed and alone. Don't be afraid to ask someone if they are ok.

If you are struggling with difficult emotions, thoughts and feelings, please remember that that is ok. It is what you do with it that matters.

Let's Talk About...... Eating Disorders and Depression

To launch our new Online Support Group for people affected by Binge Eating Disorder, EDA have teamed up once again with the amazing charity AWARE and Royal College of Psychiatrists to host another spectacular event:

Let's Talk About...... Eating Disorders and Depression: The Family and the Road to Recovery. 

The event willl witness a range of experts speak from their perspective on the impact of eating disorders, depression and the key role families can play in aiding recovery. 

New Carer Support Group Launches in Derry

EDA are delighted that a new carer support group is launching in Derry on Wednesday 11th October 2017. This will undoubtedly be a much needed service for those families who are struggling with an eating disorder in their lives. Supporting someone with an eating disorder can be a confusing and indeed very difficult time with the illness seriously impinging upon every aspect of family life.

Upcoming Conference: Masterclass: Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management of Eating Disorders


Masterclass: Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management of Eating Disorders


Friday 3 November 2017
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

This one day masterclass will provide you with an overall understanding of the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and overall management of the eating disorders you are likely to see in practice. 

Gerrie running London Marathon to raise funds for EDA

Fundraising is always something that we at EDA very much need in order to help us to continue and indeed improve the services that we provide to people struggling with an eating disorder and their families. We are absolutely delighted therefore that Gerrie Short has so very kindly offered to run the London Marathon to raise much needed money in support of our work. We are so very very grateful! Thank-you very much Gerrie.


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